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My Coaching Principles

  1. We each have innate wisdom that guides us. My coaching is designed to help you get past the blocks that interfere with that wisdom so you can allow it to guide you.

  2. Growth, success, and happiness are a reflection of inner wholeness and alignment with self. We attend to the inside to affect the outside.

  3. Joy and ease are more efficient pathways to success than struggle, strife, and sacrifice. 

  4. Genuine passion is the force behind all external achievement and fulfillment.

  5. We can attract all we need to be happy and successful by living authentically. 

  6. We are each 100% responsible for how we experience what happens, even though we are not always responsible for what happens.

  7. All events and experiences serve our growth and awakening, as long as we allow them to.

  8. I continually expand my own sense of healing and awakening so that I may always provide the best coaching I can to help guide you to your success.

  9. The Law of Attraction draws people and events to us all. As we understand and master the law, we are deliberate creators of our life.

  10. A Higher Power is the Source of our life and well-being. Partnering with that Power guides us to our highest possible good.*

*Note: The Life Coaching methods I use are non-denominational and do not require any compromise of your particular religious affiliation (even if you have none at all).

My methods are equally effective for spiritual devotees, religious patrons, and atheists alike (as long as you are willing to consider that there is at least "something" at work in the universe that is bigger than yourself).
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