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(including those diagnosed with PTSD)

An Investment in Yourself

My fee is $125 for a single session that lasts approximately 75 minutes. It is preferred to book a 4 session package, for which I offer a reduced rate.


Even better, I offer group mentoring and coaching, for which I offer greatly reduced per session rates.  Contact me about forming a group!

All sessions are completely confidential, and include a summary report of the session so you can refer to what was covered as needed (sometimes so much is accomplished it can be hard to remember it all).

Sessions include an optional audio recording of the session (online sessions also include video). I delete these recordings after you acknowledge receipt in order to protect your privacy.

Most importantly, your session will include results, such as: 

  • Resolution of current or recurring problems

  • A greater sense of peace about your life

  • Healing of old hurts

  • A relaxed sense of ease around something that was creating tension

  • Release from areas where you felt stuck

  • Clarity of professional or personal direction

  • 'A-ha!' moments of realization

  • General relief from stress

  • Understanding that leads to letting go of persistent frustrations

  • A rekindling of your passion for work, relationships, or life in general

  • More than either of us can imagine, because it all comes from YOU!

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*If you live in the Asheville, NC area and would like to book an in-person session**, email or call me anytime (contact info here)

**COVID-19 safety protocols followed; 6 feet and masks.

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