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What My Clients Are Saying

"I have had several coaches and Lake was spot on! Truly helped me with an issue I have held on to for a long time and gave me tools to walk away with. I thought the coaching was Top of the line. I will refer Lake to my friends, family, and business partners."

- Jessica, Florida

"Lake offered a totally safe and loving environment for me to express my current difficulties. I can’t speak highly enough of Lake’s soothing and healing energy. The session was just perfect. Lake is a FANTASTIC coach!"

- Lydie, France

"Lake gave me an opportunity to see the root of my discord more clearly. He simplified it in such a lovely way that empowered me to feel it. He also provided me with clarity on how to connect to the state and story that I want to connect to for my own life, aspirations, abundance and joy. "

- Akana, Costa Rica

"Lake helped me to come down from feeling overwhelmed and frazzled from some challenging situations. I came felt so much more grounded and relaxed after our talk. He also made me just feel good and validated."

- Amanda, Texas

"The session opened my eyes to things that I was over looking. The "fear" feeling is very much alive with me. I need to learn how to control so I can make the changes I want."

- Scott, Colorado

"Coach Lake is an insightful and intuitive guide that supports me on my journey to greater self awareness and actualization. He sees me, hears me, validates me and challenges me. Everything I look for in a coach! I am grateful to have him in my life, as I am sure you will be too."

- Elizabeth, North Carolina

“Having Lake Furney as my life coach has been life changing. Lake’s authentic presence and profound coaching methods have helped me to find deeper awareness within myself. That has helped me find greater understanding, peace, and clarity in the direction of my life that is truly best for me.”

Lyndie, Texas

"Lake not only listened to what I said, he heard what my heart was saying. He reflected it back to me, which allowed me to have more clarity, and inspired me to take the next steps to moving forward with achieving my desired outcome."

- Tina Maria, California

"Lake is a formidable coach. He helped me realize that my fearful thinking and stressing thoughts were preventing me from finding solutions for the problems I had. It was a life changing awareness that has altered my thinking and choices for the better."

- Marilyn, Pennsylvania

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